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Kinsa is your one-stop shop for plus size apparel that helps you get outside and thrive

Kindra CEO and Founder of Kinsa outside hiking in the winter

Welcome to, I am Kindra Roberts and I am the founder and owner of I have been skiing since I could walk. My father was an avid skier and passed his passion on to me. Some of my earliest memories are learning to ski with him holding me between his legs and flying down the hill. I continued to embrace this passion today.

I am what many would consider a plus sized woman and currently a size 22. I work very hard on not allowing my weight to limit my ability to partake in my favorite past time, skiing. Growing up in Wisconsin you learn to either embrace the winter activities or else winter will be very long and very boring.

As a plus sized woman I have often struggled finding gear that will not only fit my frame, but be functional, and be stylish. My biggest (no pun intended) fear when we go on a trip out west is having my equipment fail and then what??? I don’t have the luxury of going into the ski shop on the mountain to buy replacement gear because they don’t have my size.

The dream for came to life during a ski trip to Breckenridge in the spring of 2017. Prior to this trip I had gained some weight and needed to buy new ski pants and a jacket. I literally spent hours pouring over websites and stores looking for something that would fit. Many sites say they offer plus size but when you would look at them they would only go up to XXL. Anyone who wears plus size knows, that is not truly plus sized. I became more and more frustrated and wished there was a one stop shop for gear that I knew would fit me. And this is where we are today.

My goal at is to be your single source for plus size clothing and gear that fit the everyday woman for her outdoor lifestyle. It has been said that 67% of woman in the US are over the size 14. With these kind of numbers the plus size woman IS the everyday woman. It is my belief that every woman should be a be able to participate in any outdoor activity and not have to worry about what she needs to wear.