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Kinsa is your one-stop shop for plus size apparel that helps you get outside and thrive

Alpine Curves is now...

New Chapter. New Name. Same Mission.

We've been building the hype around this on our social media channels over the past few weeks and we are finally excited to share the news with you about Alpine Curve’s new brand.

Our team sat down with founder Kindra Roberts to hear more about what the rebrand means for our community!

Kindra, founder and CEO of Kinsa


Why did you decide to change your brand name?
With the growth we experienced over the past couple of years, we realized we needed a name that reflects that. The name needed to reflect that we are not only in the ski and snow gear, but also provide a range of gear for any kind of outdoor adventures anywhere. A name that will grow with our community.

Why the name Kinsa?

We wanted a name that reflects the confidence and power of our community: women who are beautiful, confident, and adventurous. Kinsa borrows the first part of our founder’s name, Kindra, to stay rooted in our beginnings. Kin also means “family”, and this brand is all about serving the plus size community that feels like family.

Is your mission evolving along with this new identity?

Heck no! We know how much you all value and appreciate the authenticity of our brand, from me sharing pictures of myself on social media, to our transparent communication on our website or on the phone with our amazing customers. Our mission will always remain the same: provide quality plus-size gear for all outdoors activities, because every body deserves to get outside!

Will this change my shopping experience?

It will... for the better. The rebrand includes a new website, new brands, and new features that will make your shopping experience even more amazing.

What is your vision for the future of Kinsa, what should we look forward to for the next few months/years?

Ooh, ladies. We've got some exciting, scary, wild, and game-changing goals coming down the trail. This rebrand opens so many more doors for us to be able to better serve our community.

Stay tuned for ANOTHER exciting announcement coming down the trail later this month.

We wouldn't be where we are right here and now if it weren't for your support over the years. We're so excited for this next chapter and can't wait for you to experience the new!