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Alpine Parrot Ponderosa Pants



The Ponderosa Pants are Alpine Parrot's flagship, award-winning product that were designed from scratch to shake up the industry. The "Pondos," as we lovingly call them, are a wardrobe staple whether you're traveling, summiting a new peak, walking your dog around the block, or grabbing a coffee with a friend. Featuring an abrasion-resistant fabric, 5 pockets, a built-in belt and more, they were made with extensive feedback from real, amazing people, and were designed to be your adventure bffs.

For Spring 2024, they've updated the fit to have more room in the waist across both Fit Styles, so be sure to check out the size chart (even if you already own a pair!) to get your perfect fit. 

Want the 2023 version? Buy from our previous inventory of Ponderosa Pants, on sale here.