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Alpine Parrot Ponderosa Plus Size Hiking Pants



Introducing the Ponderosa Plus Size Hiking Pants, Alpine Parrot's flagship, award-winning product that redefines comfort, protection, and versatility. Designed from scratch to meet the demands of real adventurers like you, these wardrobe staples are perfect for traveling, hiking, or just everyday wear. With extensive feedback from amazing people, the "Pondos" are your trusted adventure BFFs.

  • Curved, high-rise, adjustable waistband for a perfect fit
  • Built-in belt to prevent sagging
  • Five cell phone pockets: two front, one thigh with zipper, two back (one with zipper, one with fold closure)
  • Key ring for attaching carabiner or accessories
  • Convertible-to-capri cuffs for adjustable length
  • Alpine Parrot's signature pops of color.


Mountain Fit | Have a narrower waist and a fuller, curvier bottom? Our Mountain Fit is made for you! Cut to hug your curves without gapping at the waist.

River Fit | Are your waist and hips similar measurements? You'll love the way our River Fit pants glide over your curves without pinching, rubbing, or chafing.

KinsaFit Guides Sizing

KinsaFit Guide Alpine Parrot | Ponderosa Pants Outdoor Research | Feedback Flannel  The North Face | Terrain Scoop Neck  
Martina 22 - River Fit 1X 1X
DeeAnn 20 - River Fit 2X 2X
Bri 26 – River Fit 3X 1X
Kindra 26 – River Fit 3X 3X